Sunsoil CBD Products Review


In perfect timing with the “New Year/New You” mantra we all have was my introduction to a great company, SUNSOIL.

Sunsoil brings us a unique line of USDA Organic CBD products. The products are made from USDA certified organic hemp, grown on the company’s farms in Vermont. The company offers drops, capsules, and gummies.

We are loving their gummies – These are low in sugar, high in potency, and gluten-free/vegan-friendly. They are made with whole-plant hemp extract. This gives them their natural, green hue.  They contain no artificial sweeteners (make sure you compare these to other products out there that are chock full of icky sugars and most of the time coated in them).  Finally, and my personal favorite part is that they really do work. They contain 20mg of full-spectrum CBD (compared to the 5-10mgs in competitor products).   The cost for these gummies is very reasonable (especially given the ingredients) at around $42 for a container of 30.  You can subscribe and save too!

Basically, what I am trying to say here is these are priced perfectly, are not actually pieces of candy, and contain the proper amount of CBD.  The cinnamon flavoring is also quite perfect and unique.  A wonderful and all-natural solution for aches and pains and I am thrilled we were introduced to the products and have made the switch to them!

Check them out!