Cloud Water Review

New Year…New You.  Do yourself a favor (especially during these scary, germy times) and keep yourself hydrated.  I have been trying out Cloud Water all week and have to say I am super happy and super hooked.  These are very different, all-natural products geared toward immunity and wellness.

Cloud Water + Immunity will bring you your daily intake of Vitamin D and Zinc right in your water.  Three amazing flavors here (Grapefruit/Mint/Basil, Blood Orange/Coconut, and Blackberry/Lemon/Rosemary).  The blood orange flavor is simply the best I think I have ever had.  These are perfect to bring to the office and keep on hand to help boost your body as you go throughout the day and expose yourself to everyone!  A 12-pack of these will cost you $34.95.  You should totally try their sampler case (12 pk – $29.71) and try them all as we did!

Cloud Water + Hemp is the only sparkling CBD beverage out there that combines botanicals and 25mg CBD with all-natural ingredients.  I have to tell you that their Aztec Chocolate + Strawberry is like the most amazing thing on earth.  It has chili pepper in it as well for a cool kind of kick.  They also offer the same great flavors as the immunity water too!  Such a great way to hydrate!

Very cool product!  Glad I tried it!  Oh… and they offer a subscription service so if you love it as we do, you will never run out!