Electrolit ZERO Hydration Beverages Review


Sports are in full swing in this house. We have been training all summer and heading to tryouts this week!   We go through hydration beverages like crazy over here, so I am always happy to try out a new brand! Enter Electrolit and we couldn’t be in better hands.

Electrolit is instant hydration and made with quality (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients.  They contain only natural flavors and absolutely no preservatives.  They have low sugar and provide the fast recovery your body needs, both before and after a good workout. (Especially in the warm temperatures we have been experiencing!)  So many great flavor options too (different than the typical brands – not just orange and fruit punch here; they have strawberry kiwi and berry bliss among others).

I want to tell you that my son is loving their Electrolit Zero options.   Flavor choices include fruit punch splash, berry blast, and lemon breeze.  These contain ZERO sugar which is so great. So many other brands claim to “hydrate” you but then contain sugar and sodium that just basically do the opposite.   These contain only the good stuff like ions, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium lactate.  Just the perfect balance of everything they need.

So glad we tried these out.  I just ordered more on Amazon and am ready for the school year!