Son of a Barista Coffee comes with a Free Espresso Machine


There is absolutely no logic or reason to this coffee deal from Son of a Barista. They have a special right now, where you can get a starter kit for $98. It includes a Son of a Barista espresso machine and 150 coffee pods.

I’ve seen coffee deals before. But just the concept that this is now essentially 150 cups of coffee for $98 is absolute insanity. You can use this to make straight espresso, latte, and even throw in some ice and make an iced coffee.  In fact, we just did a story on the top coffees of 2022.

Sure the coffee tastes incredible, but simply on the economics, I am amazed by the deal. Usually, when I’m ordering coffee from anywhere, it comes out to more per cup than the cost here. This is basically getting all the coffee with the machine for free.

This is also designed and based in Italy which is intriguing because the product in America can sometimes even cost more. You’re getting that Italian culture and the free machine straight to your house.

If you were ever thinking about getting a new machine, or if your machine is on the fritz and you need to order coffee anyway, this particular deal seems like a no-brainer. Sure you could order coffee online but I love a good deal and telling my friends about a good deal.

Get your free espresso machine and 150 coffee pods from Son of a Barista now!