Comma Home Bedding

image of comma home bedding in package

Comma Home offers amazing bedding gift options for your holiday gift-giving needs!  We are all very busy running around like lunatics and really need peace and space to breathe after a tough day at work/school, etc.  This company is all about relaxing; totally guilt-free.

The minute you curl up in one of their blankets you will want to stay home, call your friends and say “sorry next time for me.” Then, grab the remote and do some on-demand binge-watching. We need days and nights like this.

Their blankets also help with anxiety, insomnia, and those who are restless at night. They only use eco-friendly materials. So, you know that while you are indulging in better sleep, you are also doing your part to keep our planet healthy.

They offer weighted blankets, comforters, throw blankets, bedsheets, duvet covers, and more.

Here is what we are loving:  their Minky Weighted Blanket (currently $84 down from $129). This comes in two options (15 or 20 lbs). It is perfect for the current cold nights we have going on here and is super soft and snuggly. I actually cannot believe I am admitting this but I feel stress kind of leaving my body and the weight of the blanket gives me a sense of security that I am really comforted by. Very happy to have checked this out!

Grab some great bedding gifts at Comma Home!