Jacques Torres Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bomb

image of open package of 4 hot chocolate bombs

A cold day always has me craving something hot, sweet, and delicious. Hot chocolate is the perfect comfort drink to warm me up on a winter day. And now I’ve found a wonderful new way to experience that—with a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bomb by Jacques Torres.

I’m rather picky when it comes to the quality of hot chocolate. I also like my hot chocolate made with milk rather than water. I prefer that rich-tasting blend of dark chocolate flavor with steamed frothy milk.

I knew anything made by Jacques Torres would be super satisfying. He was after all named “Mr. Chocolate.” He was the first artisan chocolatier in New York City to start from cocoa beans and make his own chocolate. I remember the excitement when the Jacque Torres store first opened in Dumbo.

Now, Mr. Torres has added his Classic Hot Chocolate mix into a Belgian dark chocolate shell along with some small marshmallows, crushed candy cane, and holiday sprinkles. These hot chocolate bombs are topped with a festive drizzle, so perfect for the holidays.

I frothed up my milk, added the hot chocolate bomb, and stirred until well mixed and all the chocolate had melted. The result was chocolaty deliciousness in a mug! To be totally honest, I added too much milk the first time I made the hot chocolate. However, the second time I made it I added six ounces of milk which seemed just perfect.

The Jacques Torres Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bomb box comes in a package of four for $22. It makes a thoughtful and yummy gift for the holidays or buy it to treat yourself!