I like to shop in bulk which means I am then separating and storing/freezing quite often.  Anything to save money these days.

Compostic brings you guilt free home compostable products designed to be able to break down in just 12-24 weeks once you are ready to discard them.  That is a BIG plus since the other very “plastic” brands can take hundreds of years!  They keep your foods fresh, are made from soy based ink, are non-GMO, non toxic and completely guilt free.  This is a small win in the world of saving our environment so our kids have one to raise their families in!

Their cling wrap is very easy to use.  You just pull it from the box and tear where you need to.  You can then use to keep your food fresh, use again and then compost.  It will then break down in 24 weeks and actually enhance the soil quality to help grown new plants.  Yup I said it – you are storing your favorite foods and then actually improving your garden all in one purchase.  Same deal with their resealable snack and sandwich bags.  You will be able to make a smart decision, pack your child’s lunchbox and then help the earth on the flip side.

Check this really impressive and interesting company out!