TeePublic Makes Quality Shirts by Indie Designers

TeePublic is basically one stop shopping for T-shirts. You can certainly get T-shirts in various locations online, but TeePublic seems to have the market covered in nearly every type of T-shirt you could ever want.

They use independent artists, who are constantly updating their inventory. Literally, there are 100s of indie artists pumping out their work for you and me to love. So what’s the big takeaway here? TeePublic has a community of artists that share creative designs and TeePublic produces actual quality shirts. Those two elements are important to me.

I hate when I see t-shirts on Amazon and eBay, and they have two major problems. First, the artists are sometimes pirated from elsewhere. I really don’t want to support that at all. It’s QUITE a big concern to me.

Secondly, it’s the quality. I once ordered a t-shirt from somewhere online, and I swear it felt like it was as thick as tissue paper. You do NOT want to see this mom wearing a t-shirt that thin. Three kids later, and seriously I need some coverage here and there of this mom bod!

Anyway, I overall liked the designs as well as the quality at TeePublic.  I was quite pleased by the better quality product as well as supporting indie artists.

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