Conrad Downtown – Spacious and Peaceful

The Conrad Downtown is located just west of the World Trade Center in a quiet section of lower Manhattan. Upon entering the lobby you are faced with this immense hanging artwork which will certainly leave the kids awestruck. The hotel itself is a massive place. It’s not overwhelmingly massive but it’s a space that gives you space to feel comfortable.

The rooms are all suites and are also certainly massive by Manhattan standards. You walk into the main room and then there is a bathroom and then the bedroom. The room itself is certainly top-of-the-line. How high quality is it? They went so far as to use plastic ties to organize our cables that we were using to charge the phones! In the room itself, as another note, they had a Nespresso machine, but the bigger hit, in this case, was that they have a water filtration system. We each would fill up our water bottles for the day’s adventures ahead.

What makes these things come together is the peace. There’s a wonderful combination of the space in the hotel with the space in the room and the space outside that is lower Manhattan.

We are a family publication and of course, trying to look at things from that angle. If you’re traveling with any kids, especially those with special needs in regards to loud noises, then this is certainly something that can be of strong interest. The quality of service with a Conrad is certainly top-of-the-line as described, but combining that with the quiet neighborhood in Manhattan and combining that with the spaciousness of the hotel room does make it a dream for anybody who is trying to reduce the stimulation of Manhattan.

Sometimes we perceive hotels for families as those filled with games, colors, loud noises, and bells and whistles. I think that actually makes it even more stimulating, so your kids don’t have a hotel as a place to calm down.

After a long day of touring, there was something exceptionally peaceful about sitting and reminiscing over the day while having a bowl of ice cream and looking out at the Statue of Liberty. Maybe one would want to look out at the Hudson River as the ships go by. Fact, our teen daughter seemed thrilled about the idea of sitting in the main lobby under the massive art sculpture just reading a book.

If you’re traveling with kids, you do want to have a place of peace and comfort to return to at the end of a long day.  I feel like the two basic requirements of quality service and that comfortable-feeling space are not only present here but over the top.