Review: Gillette Labs

How about a great new razor product for the man in your life.  GilletteLabs Razor has this built in exfoliation technology that will make shaving as simple as washing one’s face.

What you get in the box: The razor handle, 2 blade refills and the easy to use magnetic stand.  It has this great exfoliating bar build in that will help remove the dirt and debris of the day before the blade even passes the skin.  This is literally combining face washing and shaving and I know my husband likes to keep things as simple as possible so this is a home run.  The design of the razor is very flexible and bends to his face.  My husband has been saying that he is not cutting or irritating himself because the razor is so easy to use.  Like other Gillette products, the blades are really comfortable and provide a nice, close shave.

The product is also guaranteed to last 5 years or they will replace it.  Talk about a great investment!  Also – no more rusty razor sitting on the counter getting wet.  You simply place it in the magnetic stand which keeps the tool upright, clean, dry and ready for the next use.  The cost is $25 for what I described above.  Literally you cannot go wrong!

Check it out now!