Contours Vibes Crib Mattress Review

image of product envelope and remote laying on a Contours Vibes Crib Mattress

Contour vibes 2 One of the first things people tell you when you are pregnant is that you better rest now before the baby is born because you will no longer have any sleep once your baby is there. Sleep-deprived parents are a fact of life. Babies are hard to get to sleep, and they wake up often. But, we now have something that makes going to sleep a lot easier! Contours Vibes Crib Mattress is absolutely revolutionizing the baby mattress industry!

The Contours Vibes Crib Mattress features a remote-controlled vibration function. With these soft and calming vibrations, our baby falls asleep faster, sleeps longer, and has fewer wake-ups.

The mattress itself is of very high quality. With a breathable cotton cover and underlying waterproof lining to protect the core. The innerspring core offers two different sides of firmness, one for infants, and one for toddlers. The infant side is firmer to promote a safe sleeping surface, in accordance with AAP guidance. Contours has labeled both sides very clearly, so you know which side to put the mattress on for your child. The mattress fits a standard crib perfectly and only weighs 15 pounds!

I adore that the Contours Vibes Crib Mattress ships flat and is ready to set up right out of the box. Since the mattress is not rolled up, you avoid the risk of a lumpy and uneven surface or a mattress that does not expand fully after unrolling.

But let me talk about the most amazing feature! The vibrating! It only requires three D batteries, and with the included remote (which needs one coin battery) you can turn on and off the vibrations. The batteries last for months. The vibrations have three intensities, all very quiet so as not to disturb the baby. With the remote, you do not need to disturb the baby while modifying the vibrations. And to top it all off, there is an auto-off timer for vibrations of 15, 30, or 45 minutes duration!

On the side of the mattress, there is a big Contours button. If you press that, it will go to the last remote setting that was used. So no panic if you cannot find the remote immediately.

We adore this mattress! It was especially a god-send in the colic stage of our baby, calming her completely down. She falls asleep a lot quicker and stays asleep longer when we use the vibrations of the Contours Vibes Crib Mattress! Seven hours compared to four, which is a win in our book! We couldn’t be happier!

The mattress from Contours comes at $299.99 on their official website.  A steal if you consider the long nights you get in return!