Cork Pops – Gifts for Wine Lovers

Cork Pops 1

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Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a wine lover? Then look no further than Cork Pops! Cork Pops offers wine accessories, wine bottle openers, corkscrews, bar and party items, and much more.

In the picture, you can see their famous Cork Pop Opener. The fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine. These bottle openers do not require any pulling or twisting, avoiding broken corks or damaged wine. Perfect for people with mobility issues, the openers from Cork Pops make opening a bottle easy.

Impress your dinner guests with this wonderful gadget! They will be in awe of how effortlessly you open a bottle. Push the needle through the cork and with a push of the button, your cork easily comes out of the bottle! The cartridges utilize an environmentally safe, low-pressure inert propellant that does not affect the flavor or bouquet of any wine and has no effect on the atmosphere or ozone layer.

You can get yours for $28 on the official website of Cork Pops. For $14 you get two refills. Each Cork Pop Refill Cartridge will open approximately 60 – 80 bottles of wine before requiring replacement.

Cork Pops also has glassware and martini accessories, and special Vino products like a wine aerator, wine stain remover, chillers, and filters. In addition, you can find special foil cutters like the magnetic palm tree that you can keep on the door of your fridge, or a single-bottle wine purseelegant bottle stoppers, and a wine preserver to avoid oxidation of the wine. These and many, many more will delight any connoisseur of wine!