Cool Sunglasses by Otra and Bailey Nelson

image of Jordan sunglasses by Otra and Bronte sunglasses by Bailey Nelson

Protecting your eyes is a must!   Looking cool is an added bonus. Here we have Jordan sunglasses by Otra and Bronte sunglasses by Bailey Nelson.

The Jordan Sunglasses provide full eye protection. They are lightweight and stylish. I recommend checking the measurements which are provided on the website however you can return the glasses within 7 days for store credit or exchange.
The Jordan sunglasses by Otra are:
  • Squared oversized Gold metal frame
  • Comes with a Green lens
  • Also available in Gold with a Pink lens
  • Comes with a Soft Cream Vegan Case
  • 100% UV Protection
Otra Eyewear is a global brand driven by a desire to provide eyewear that is fun, fashionable, and functional. Otra offers eyewear that is affordable, stylish, and, most importantly, timeless.
I really loved the polarizing lens on the Bronte sunglasses.  They fit well and looked very stylish.
The Bronte sunglasses by Bailey Nelson provide:
  • High protection against sun glare
  • Good UV protection
  • Polarizing Lens Filter

This frame is offered in four different styles. Cherry blossom is pictured. They also have black, mahogany, and crystal (white). The choice of making them into prescription lenses is also available. Free shipping and 30-day returns are also available for this frame.



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