Corto Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I am about to bring you the absolute best in extra virgin olive oil.

Corto treats their olives as the fruit they are.  They gather them at their freshest and the taste is just amazing.  The same day they pick them they cold extract them.  The result is just unbelievable; the minute we tried the oil we could tell the difference.  They are processed in a climate controlled environment and then packaged oxygen and light free.  This process is a tradition that goes back generations to Lucca, Italy.  Who wouldn’t love an authentic product like this!!

We are loving our bottle of Truly 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($24).  This is full bodied olive oil with bright floral notes.  The Arbosana Olives bring notes of green tomatoes and almonds.  Koroneiki Olives bring notes of pear, pepper and fresh grass.  Once again, the olives are harvested at their prime and then extracted that day and sealed in oxygen free packaging.  This means it will taste as fresh as day one when it finally hits your kitchen.  We are loving this for bread dipping and alongside your favorite cheese board.

Other great shopping options as well.  You simply must indulge and check them out for yourself.  You will literally never buy olive oil in a supermarket again.

Check them out!