Home Office Gadgets for Mom

Being a mom who is working from home isn’t easy.  I’m working full time, but I also seem to have the social burden of making sure the house is together and the kids are functional. No, I’m not saying Dad isn’t contributing, BY NO MEANS! But that said, when you’re home, you’re always “On Call”.  You always are the one who is “home anyway” who has to run from the home office to the front door to sign for Amazon.


That said, I wanted to make a list of the top products to make a Home Office Easier for Mom!

Breezy Seat

Telor is an American based company that makes comfortable seats for motorcycles, but also for home office. OMG this is a break for my happy little butt.  Who am I kidding, a break for my big butt, but that’s far from the point! The point is, this is comfortable as heck and makes me so happy. Plus it’s made right here in the good ole USA.














Devaise 3 Drawer Cabinet with Lock

The key word here is the lock.  See, the kids get into everything and it frankly drives me nuts. They should probably market this as basically a heavy safe with drawers. Of course it’s not a safe, but I love the idea of a cabinet that the kids can’t get into. When I have this remote office, I don’t need them getting into everything and this is the perfect solution.


















GoSun makes a solarpanel which is great for the mom on the go. I’ve used this with the kids in the  park and it’s thin enough to stick right in the pocketbook.

But I’ve actually done the remote workstation from sitting in the park and found this to be a lifesaver to quickly charge my iPhone.

















Galen Leather
Galen Leather makes gorgeous phone cases, and now that we’re all working remotely, it can be hard work in the house all day long. It doesn’t hurt for mama to go out to Starbucks for a coffee. What makes this case awesome is that it can hold your license and a few credit cards, so all you need is your phone. It’s such an excellent quality case that I might forgo my bag entirely. You do need extra hands to carry that coffee!







Seagate Backup Plus
Sometimes your laptop doesn’t have all the storage you need, and now that we’re working from home, you need a drive to store your documents and photos. The Seagate BACKUP PLUS Slim is designed to be a backup, but I also found it useful to store all the documents I was working on. It’s the same size as a phone, which makes it easy to bring back and forth from work. I also love that when I look at all the specs, it shows that this is a high-quality drive. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I love the fact that Seagate has been around for forty years when a company has lasted for so long you can feel more comfortable trusting them.








LIGHTER by Odoyo
It hasn’t come out yet, but I love these as an alternative to AirPods. No, I’m not describing these from a technical comparison sense. I am saying that I find it so easy to hook these up to my laptop and my phone. They feel pretty similar, and I found the music and sound quality are pretty good.

If you’re looking for a great and affordable alternative to AirPods or other headsets this might be the ones for you.  I love that these guys are reliable, useful, sound great and really are a great combo to hook up to your computer for your office buds.







Blendjet one by Blendjet
As a mom, it’s hard-working from home 24/7, but with the Blendjet one, it’s super easy to go to a park with this blender and work with my protein shake. I love the fact that I could make a portable, quick, and healthy shake on the run and move my work from home lifestyle to wherever I’d like.








Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by Innogear 

Working from home can be stressful but with a diffuser it can make you work space more inviting. It’s great because it only releases essential oils in the air compared to candles which release toxic chemicals. I love this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser because it helps me get ready to start my day.

Staples Headset

Sony Headsets from Staples

I never thought of Staples for gift giving but they have these great Sony headsets that have the regular headset jack. Can you tell me why so many headsets are removing them?  But they’re noise cancelling so even better for airplane rides.

Maybe I have to example my shopping range from Amazon to even Staples?

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