Cosmos Creations

I am always in search of healthy snack foods; especially with the New Year’s resolution’s I’ve set in place for myself and my family.  We loved our weekend snacking with “Cosmos Creations”; yummy puffed corn treats in an array of flavors.  These snacks are gluten-free with no trans-fat and with non-GMO corn (no hulls or kernels to be seen!)  I think my absolute favorite is the “coconut crunch”; a simply delicious mix of coconut pieces and oil.  The taste is in no way overbearing; its the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness.  We also tasted “caramel” and salted caramel” both so yummy you have to keep going back for more (the kids adored these and both are taking a zippy bag as their snack to school tomorrow).  I actually refused to share the “caramel apple” sample; I opened the bag and the aroma was so great and the taste so incredible that I ran with the bag upstairs to enjoy myself.  My husband who loves a snack with a little heat is loving “spicy sriracha”; I tried it as well it doesn’t disappoint: garlic meets pepper and spice leaving you go back for more and more.  We all agreed as a family that you simply cannot have a party without “cheddar and pepper” blend.  This is a really enjoyable melt in your mouth snack that you all must try right away!  A true healthy option for guilt free snacking at your desk at work!   For more information please visit

cosmos creations

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