Top Quick and Easy Snacks

Like any good parent, I love a good snack. I also like keeping relatively healthy and something that is quick. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite quick and easy snacks.

Asian Tang

image of bag of asian tang lime onion chili chips with pineapple agave, spicy ginger, and chili crisp dipping sauces - easy snacks

Asian Tang kind of covers two categories in this photo. The chips always satisfy my need for something salty. But the mixes? They satisfy my desire to just not cook that night and stir fry. Basically anything. Once you add the mix, you can throw on chicken cutlets or tofu, or whatever you like, and poof you got a meal.


image of 2 pkgs of whisps cheese & pretzel bites - cheddar flavor and honey mustard flavor - easy snacks

Whisps are cheese snacks that are exceptionally addictive. These are their Cheese and Pretzel Bites which come in both cheddar and honey mustard. They are light and airy and give you the false delusion that you are not eating much. When the reality is you’ve eaten two bags and lost your mind.


image of 3 bags of popadelics snacks - trippin' truffle parm, rad rosemary +salt, twisted thai chili

Popadelics are mushroom snacks that come in various flavors. I got to tell you, I went through one entire package of these on a flight back from Dallas. They are light and fluffy and super easy to get lost in. I think it’s the fact that the mushroom itself is so chunky thick that it gives the feeling of eating a lot when in fact, they are quite small. Made a quick snack. By far, my favorite had to be the Twisted Thai Chili with a strong second of the Truffle Parm.

image of 4 boxes of dianas banana babies, variety, and one tub of banana bites - easy snacks

Diana‘s has a simple concept, which is real bananas covered in chocolate. That’s it. So you’re kind of eating a fruit and you could argue the fact that you’re eating a fruit and the chocolate is just what is forcibly keeping you away from the fruit against your will. That’s the argument I use anyway, to get through eating the snack and convince myself that it is a fruit and thereby healthy.

Warrior Snack Mix

image of 3 bags of warrior snack mix - Bob's salted caramel, Hagen's berry bomb, and Clay's chocolate buzz - easy snacks

Warrior Snack Mix is a bag full of little granola knobs and they’re also a great little snack to throw in a Ziploc. They are bite-size and easy but I think what I really love is they are an autism jobs provider and it’s really a core mission of the company to help with autism.

Mason Dixie

image of pkgs of mason dixie biscuits and breakfast sandwiches - easy snacks

Breakfast is supposed to be the healthiest meal of the day, but generally, for me, it goes to hell in a handbasket pretty quickly. Mason Dixie makes buttermilk breakfast sandwiches, which are at least high protein and low calorie. If you’re going to have a breakfast sandwich, I’d much rather have something made with real ingredients than from a takeout restaurant.

Fit Snack

image of a fit snack subscription box with a variety of snacks inside

If all else fails, you can Fit Snack. Fit Snack will mail you snacks every month so you can try various things. If you look at this particular Fit Snack box, it has everything from a nice tea to beef jerky. If you don’t like what you want this month, just hold your breath. The next month you’ll have something else.