Dr. Jeremy Levin – Advice on Covid and Your Kids

Jeremy Levin, MD, PhD, is Chairman and  CEO of Ovid Therapeutics and was kind enough to provide his thoughts on Covid. As a Mom, I’ve been quite worried about Covid with my kids and I feel like getting some straight forward information has been quite a challenge.

MS) Do you think we will definitely need a third booster?

JL) Yes. As with all vaccines it is common to expect to have to have repeat injections at some stage. This is similar to tetanus vaccine for example. Another similar approach is the repeat annual vaccines for flu.

MS) Once it’s approved for kids would you feel comfortable doing it ?

JL) It is important to vaccinate all of the population, irrespective of age. This will help contain the virus and prevent it from having a “safe haven” to replicate and mutate

MS) How worried are you with the delta variant ?

JL) We should all be concerned by the rapids spread of the Delta variant.  Its danger is specifically due to the fact that it replicates so very rapidly. We should be even more concerned by the prospect that it is allowed to continue to spread and a new variant arises – a Delta variant with added virulence.

MS) There is talk about mask mandates? Do you agree?

JL) Masks are sensible and simple partial solutions to containing the virus.  I think we should all be proud to help constrain the virus whatever way we can.  Masks have an important role in doing so.

MS) As a parent, what should we be worried about for September ?

JL) Those families that dismiss vaccinations and masks.  They are not just a risk to themselves but to the community as a whole.

MS) Will schools be open or are we going backwards again?

JL) Yes. We need to note also that we do not expect to see a backward step if we take the lessons of vaccination, masks and ventilation seriously.

MS) What do you think would convey a die hard any masker?

JL) It’s critical to express to them that even if they are not worried, they need to understand that if they infect someone else they could harm them.  Worse yet, they are helping breed new variants. As such, they are helping to harm the nation. It’s a matter of supporting all of America.