Smartmi Is a Beautiful Looking Air Cleaner

SmartmiAir Cleaners have certainly become the newest device to get for your home, especially during Covid.  We used to have one in the entrance for allergies, but now we’ve increased that to the main room and the entrance room. I am not saying it’s directly because of Covid, but I think Covid has gotten me a bit more conscious of our health and clean air isn’t a bad idea!


The  P1 by Smartmi is a smart air cleaner with basically two big reasons why I love it.


First, it’s one of the only smart air clearers that I’ve seen with the status display right on the unit. I do love the app feature, but I just can’t be bothered sometimes checking my phone or screaming at Siri or Alexa.  It’s kinda nice to be able to look right at the top of this unit.


Secondly, it’s really a gorgous looking unit so it does work quite well with a modern decor.  The sleak design and black look with the nice leather strap. It fits quite well with the modern home.

For homes with pets or babies, it’s really a great way of cleaning the air, but blending right in with the home’s style.


It’s on sale on Amazon right now.