Crazy Cups Total Indulgence Hot Chocolate Bomb Maker DIY Kit

image of open box of DIY hot chocolate bomb kit with mix and sprinkles and toppings

image of box of hot chocolate bomb maker diy kit

Making your own hot chocolate bomb was a  fun activity to do with the kids, ages 5, and 7.   The kit is super organized and everything is separated into bags. It was very easy to make and keep things organized. That’s important when you’re working with super excited children.

The hot chocolate bomb kit includes:

  • 2 nonstick molds for hot chocolate bombs
  • 1 bag of melting chocolate
  • festive sprinkles
  • pink chocolate
  • drizzle, party confetti
  • mini marshmallows
  • spoon for stirring

The kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 chocolate bombs. There are instructions in the box, as well as a video online showing directions step by step.

First, we melted the chocolate and lined the molds with the melted chocolate. Then we refrigerated the molds for about 30 minutes. We removed the chocolate from the molds and filled them with marshmallows and sprinkles. We covered the molds with the other half of the chocolate shell and then added the pink chocolate with party confetti. Finally, we added the chocolate bomb to warm milk and enjoyed our scrumptious drink.

The kids were proud of their creations and enjoyed the finished product.

Also, the directions and video were easy to follow.

Crazy Cups also makes K-Cups for the Keurig machine. I’ve tasted the hot chocolate and that is also great!

The Total Indulgence Hot Chocolate Bomb Maker DIY Kit makes a great gift for your hot chocolate-loving friends and family.