CandySwag – Remote Gifting

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You want to give a thoughtful gift, however, you want to make sure they like the gift.   CandySwag is an epic idea!

You pick the gift size that you want to gift. Depending on the size of the box the giver chooses to gift, the receiver can pick 2, 4, 8, or 16 different candies. There is a nice selection of candies which include gourmet gummies, chocolates, hard candies, chewies, or something savory.

Once the receiver picks their preferred selection, the order is ready to ship.

It’s a fun way to get a gift and you pick your favorite treats.

The person who sends the gift can include a postcard with a specialized greeting or choose from the cute ones listed. Some of my favorites were “work from home fuel,” “admit it – this is better than a stress ball,” and “Yes you CANdy.”

Gifts can be sent to individuals or a group. The website makes it easy to upload names and individual email addresses. Shipping is included with the purchase. The order ships within 2-7 days.

CandySwag is a fun gift to give. It’s a  very low-stress, thoughtful present. The best part is the recipient will pick something they like and enjoy.

The company was started by a professional chef and is based in CT. CandySwag represents the best of all that gives Ishu, the founder,  joy personally — travel, food, and gifting. Also, my favorite things. Life is better when you eat, travel, and bring joy to others. Check out the website and bring joy this holiday season.



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