Creating Meaningful Memories with “The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition”

Creating meaningful memories with “The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition”.

The Couples Edition Adventure Challenge is an engaging interactive book that has fun, spontaneous dates (scratch it off for the great surprise) that will definitely rekindle that spark in your relationship.  Each scratch-off represents a date and once you scratch it off there are no take backs.   Disconnect from your device and start that dating romance with your significant other and have fun along the way.   Document the journey by taking a picture and writing how you feel and create those lasting wonderful memories.  Finally share it on social media by tagging #theadventurechallenge!

The table of contents gives you some idea of what the date or activity would be and the helpful hints shows what the icons mean next to each adventure.   I love the whole concept and art of exploring and doing new things. and keeping that curiosity alive.  Sometimes we are stuck in a rut or do the same thing over and over again and need new ideas of things to do.  This book is full of new ideas and random creativity to break up the monotonous day-to-day routine.   It’s great to explore new things together as a couple and get out of your comfort zone.   This book encourages new activities and surprises and exploring adventures together with your partner.  What a great idea for a Valentine’s gift or an anniversary present or buy it for yourself and ask your spouse to play along.   Now, go start exploring the book and have a amazing time creating your life story!



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