Slow Table Curates Charcuterie Boards

Slow Table curates meal kits using only the best ingredients that they could find. This is not like making a meal kit by just running and grabbing stuff from your local supermarket but it’s finding the best of the best and putting it all together.


We checked out their Mini crew box charcuterie board. It contains two meats, two cheeses and associated goodies. Now for one example, I have seen quite a few charcuterie boards with salami but this is the first one I’ve seen which had a mole salami. Maybe you don’t understand the emotional impact it has on me but mole sauce is one of my favorite types of sauces and here we are with a top-of-the-line salami that I have not ever seen before. In fact, each of the ingredients are those kind of things that you pick up in specialty grocery shops to bring home, however theydid the homework, combined it and paired it all together.


This charcuterie board is for those people who want to treat them selves to something different. If you’re just looking for just mass food to cover your board this is probably not the best fit. But if you’re looking for something special and unique Slow Table might be for you This is definitely for those people who like curating the most unique ingredients.