Crispy Green Snacks

Summer is starting and I am 100% done with the junk food snacking in this house.  I should have spent the last two months trying to shed some of these “Christmas cookie pounds” but all of a sudden it is June and I have decided my family needs to jump on the better eating train and right now.

Enter Crispy Green snacks.  These delicious treats are made from one ingredient: FRUIT!  The Company undergoes their own freeze drying process; they do away with the moisture and leave you with the healthy goodness to snack on.  Crispy Greens are a wonderful snack for the beach, the office and your lunchbox.  Easy clean up, no mess and you walk away doing your body a big favor!  There are 7 yummy options to choose from: apple, tangerine, banana, mango, asian pear, cantaloupe and pineapple.  You can purchase them in single size or 6 pack options.  Family top 2’s were the cantaloupe and the apple.  I couldn’t believe how good these were.  True fruit flavor, less stress on our carbon footprint.  The flavor is on another level of awesomeness altogether.  I find myself even thinking outside the box for work in the morning.  Crispy Fruit bags are a good choice for atop yogurt, on a salad, even dare i suggest on top of ice cream? So many tasty ways to tell your body you love it.

For more information and to purchase these fine products please visit  I cannot believe how completely delicious and completely liked Crispy Greens are in my household.  My suggestion: toss the junk and make space for Crispy Greens Freeze Dried Fruits.

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