Cubii Pro Review – Peddle Under Your Desk

We reviewed the Cubii and the Cubii Pro basically does take it to another level.  Sure it looks the same as you can see in the happy photo, but what differentiates it is the app and tie in.  Basically the app not only tracks your movement like you’d expect but I just find that data to be rather motivating to see.

Since we are all on quarantine and stuck at home this is really perfect for the work from home dad.  It fits perfectly under the desk but what the video and photos don’t show you is it’s a solid machine.  If somebody broke into your house this is build like a weapon. It’s basically a mack truck. It’s heavy and fit.

But I’ve used quite a few of these testing and comparing. I’ve always had an interest in these under-desk bicycles or peddle things or whatever you want to call them.  This is probably the most solid one I’ve ever seen.

So take the strong build and combine it with the app and you have a pretty darn good machine. With the app, I can now connect to my fitbit so I don’t even lose my steps. That makes it even more impressive.


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