Fuel Up With Bright Bars!

Need some extra energy to get through the mid-day slump? Working from home getting you down? Kiddies virtual classes making you nutty?  I have a great and super healthy option that we are trying here to combat my urge to grab a peanut butter cup.  Yup; that happened most of last week I must admit.

So Bright Bars – I am about to hand you a shiny gift wrapped package full of all the plant based good things we’ve been reading about.  And absolutely no dairy, gluten, soy, egg and sugar alcohol.  And I’m not kidding – they taste great.  This is actual real food/fiber with veggies, fruits, nuts and superfoods that keep chilled in your fridge until snack time comes along.  This is really super simple; all the good stuff and none of the bad.

I’ve been trying the clean protein line of bars.  Actually, I have tasted all four options.  Choices include peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate sea salt and almond butter.  Ok; in all seriousness I really don’t know which one is my absolute favorite – they are all just so so good.  I guess its the flavor and the consistency along with the fact that they are chilled; I just really devoured every darn bite.  Up next for me to get my hands on are their veggie and fruit bars.  The choices are just ridiculous (kale apple, carrot blueberry, carrot pineapple, and sweet potato blueberry.  These are packed with all the good stuff and they are super sweet!  Get your fix without all the guilt!  

We have to get rid of the quarantine 20 we have all put on.  Grab these up and get started!