Cure Hydration

These days we are all very conscience of how much water/vitamins and superfoods we are eating.  Anything really to boost our immunity during this scary pandemic from hell.

Enter Cure Hydration and I am well on my way to internal goodness!  These are individual packets that are perfect for your on the go lifestyle.  They are great for the start of the day, before and after your workout, to beat the mid-day slump or even after a night out with friends.  These have about 4 times the electrolytes as your favorite brand sports drink and restore balance to your body.  That means you can be on your game at work/school/activities.

I was thrilled to discover that Cure Products are made with premium and organic ingredients.  This is really fast hydration, vegan friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free and has no added sugar.  I was able to try out a variety of their flavors.  Wild Thing (berry pomegranate),  Main Squeeze (Lemon – my personal favorite), Ruby Riot (grapefruit), Golden Hour (ginger turmeric – actually an absolute MUST for every home especially now), and Laser Focus (matcha green tea).  They cost about a dollar a half per individual pack; you can get a 14 pack for about $21.00 – they get cheaper if you subscribe and save which is exactly what I did after day 3 of testing them out.

You will love them too!  Great option to boost your immunity too when traveling or working etc!