These days we are really trying to be healthier and with that comes staying properly hydrated.  Whether you are feeling well or not, keeping your water intake up is the best thing for you.  I am always in the market for a new drink and this week I am adoring Protein20.  This beverage is water meets protein meets delicious to be honest.  It is the perfect quick fix during the workday slump, great for your after workout drink or just to keep you fueled as you go about your day in this scary world.  The company offers protein waters (fruit flavored), protein plus options (infused with caffeine) and my personal favorite: Protein20 Plant Protein Drink.  They contain zero artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors  and have about 70-80 calories a can.  Oh, and they have 15g of plant protein to keep you going!

I loved trying all 3 of their options: Lemongrass Chamomile, Key Lime Coconut and Blackberry Basil.  I cannot even talk about how much the blackberry basil has changed my life.  These are simply delicious to the point that you almost don’t even realize you are drinking something good for you.  Check them out today and add them to your new routine.