Cush Air Cushion Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Cush Air Cushion Bluetooth Speaker by Ilive electonrics is a floating speaker which is padded all around. This speaker is perfect for the pool but really anywhere that you are worried about it getting wet.


It has a micro SD port so you can import your own music as well as Bluetooth. It holds it’s charge pretty well and last for 18 hours. I had it out all day and did not have any issues at all.


It looks rather futuristic with his padding around but I do you wonder if you will find the kids throwing it around and reducing its overall lifespan.


How good is the sound quality?


I found the sound quality pretty good, except of course, you will be playing it in the pool which is not exactly the most conducive for sound. Every time the speaker rolled over, the sound quality would diminish if the speaker faced the water. That is not a reflection on the Cush Air Cushion so much as a reflection on the nature of playing music in the pool.


Is the Cush worth it?


With its price point I found it to be a pretty good deal considering you have to expect it to get tossed around in the pool. I’m not exactly going to invest $1000 in a speaker that the kids are going to throw around, but I feel this is a reasonable price especially for it the amount of features that come with this.


Would I recommend the Cush?


Yes, because I think that the price in value are worth it as well as the quality was certainly there. It seemed durable enough to last under the kids as well as I felt like It would survive the rough handling of a pool.  If you see the photo, yes I took and tested it in a pot, it really does look cool when it’s illuminated and I could see it illuminating all around at night especially.


Where can I buy this?


You could buy this at the iLive Electronics website.