This Bearded Bear needs some good Mr. Bear Beard Products

You want a majestic beard, but not to look like a dirty hairy hobo, right? That’s why you need Mr. Bear beard shaper if you have a long hairy and curly beard, and Mr. Bear Beard brew if you have… any kind of beard!

Mr Bear beard shaper and Beard Brew is a great one-two punch combination to help you make your beard shine.

The first step to be the king of the bearded male is to make your Work of Art shine with a little touche of Beard Brew. That would be Mr Bear’s funny name for beard oil.

If you are new to the world of beard care, beard oil helps Rehydrate the hair, take care of the skin but also makes your beard soft and shiny.

Next step: The beard shaper.  It is creamier than beard wax or balm. Just a quick pump from the 50ml bottle should be enough. Apply to the beard, rub it in and tame or sculpt to your liking.

Mr Bear offers a variety of fragrances. I tried citrus, and the smell was very present, without being too much. They also offer “wilderness” (rolling green hills, lavender, and wood), “woodland” (fresh pine forest), and more.

Mr Bear offers various other products for beard (aftershave, razors, etc…), skincare, and even tattoo aftercare.