Cutting The Cord (and you think I mean having a baby…)

Cutting The Cord is a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot of lately.  Not the delivery room kind of cord but actually doing away with having that big cumbersome dish on your roof or even cable in general!  This means you can get rid of those escalating monthly bills and enjoy the so many free to broadcast shows that are out there! You should think about a smart new alternative just in time for the Super Bowl!

Mohu; this amazing company offers the app Untangle TV that you simply tell what you want to watch and then it tells you how much money you can save (think $100; that is what I am seeing in savings)!  You will still watch all your favorites; you just ditch the huge price you currently pay!

Leaf Glide is quite honestly awesome.  This is a super lightweight antenna with 65 mile range.  It is multi-directional so you never have to “play” with it and you get all your must-watch shows in high-def!  This took me not long at all to install (and if I can do it, anyone can) and it costs around $89.99.

Are recycled materials your thing? Wanna save money and save the earth? Check out Mohu’s ReLeaf Amplified HDTV Antenna ($39) which gives you all your shows and a 30 mile radius.  Use the “jolt amplifier” if you want to go 50 miles!  Super easy to use and super financially smart!

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