CV Sciences is Running a Sale on Their PlusCBD CBD Line

CV Sciences

CV Sciences is no small CBD company and they are running a 20% sale on your first order with them.  If you’ve not tried CBD, this might be the right time. And to be honest, nearly every mom I know has considered it given the stress of this wonderful pandemic.

Now, first of all, I found it interesting that this is a publicly traded company. For some reason I found that interesting, not in that I can be shares, but I feel like there’s a greater accountability when a company has reached that stage.

Secondly, 20% off is no joke.  I like that they have a wide enough selection to try a few different things and see how it feels.

Their gummies come in a few different flavors like Cherry Mango and Citrus.

But you can also see they have the usual tinctures and balms.

Personally, if you’ve never tried CBD, I’d recommend altering between a tincture, a gummy and a soft gel to be able to compare and contrast what works for you.

Then again, I’m not a stock broker nor am I a doctor so please don’t base your decisions on this little ‘ole mom. I’m just a mom whose trying to survive the Covid pandemic by trying to keep calm a little bit.

Have you tried CBD yourself? Which did you prefer?

Check them out.



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