Denver’s Top Ten Coffee & Cocktails by Guest Blogger THE BRKN’s Jacob Cade

Denver’s Top Ten Coffee & Cocktails by THE BRKN’s Jacob Cade

Pop Punk n’ Rock newcomers THE BRKN debuted their first single and accompanying video for the song “Your Existence” this summer and the buzz started to build. The band has already racked up over 103k streams on Spotify playlists and they landed slots on both the High School Nation Tour and The Dangerous Summer tour this fall.

THE BRKN is Jacob Cade – vox and lead guitar, Kick Stevens – rhythm guitarist, Mike Bokenkamp – drums and Tristan Verghese – bass. The band recently released the second song and video for their song for “The Motions” from their upcoming debut EP titled No. 3 out in early 2020.


Bellwether is an amazing place filled with amazing people. I like this place a lot because of it’s simplistic, edgy, creative, hipster vibe. The place is also an all-in-one package of the coolest things. It is a coffee shop, bar, barber shop, tattoo shop, and music venue. And owners of the clothing brand, Ruckus Apparel, which is also sold there. Aside from the stage and the studio this is my favorite place on earth.



Spur is a very hip shop located on one of the coolest streets in Colorado, South Broadway. Which is a hub for all things awesome including thrift stores, bars, restaurants, boutique stores, guitar shops and coffee shops. Among all these awesome places Spur stands as my favorite coffee shop in that vicinity with its small yet open feeling room with all white walls and wooden accents, they make the best golden chia I’ve ever had, and incredible baristas that I only wish I could look as cool as.

Monk and Mongoose

Monk is a very special place to me. It was the first coffee shop I ever started going to when I started getting into the craft coffee world. This place appealed to me right away with its slick all white and black aesthetic and modern vibe. I fell in love with the place the second I walked in. Matter of fact I’m there just about every day. Amazing staff, amazing owners, and incredible coffee.


There’s no place like Sonder. These guys are killing the coffee game in Denver and taking it by storm. They roast their own coffee, which is delicious, and come up with the wildest seasonal drinks that make your mouth water just hearing them. Example: Toasted Marshmallow Whiskey Latte. Bomb, right? They are also a bit of a family run shop which is always my favorite thing. This quaint humble looking shop should be a stop for anyone who comes to Colorado.


Like most of the shops on this list this place is full of some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. Which makes going to grab a cup of coffee way more fun, interesting, and exciting. Jubilee is another aesthetically pleasing shop with cool stuff hanging on the walls, a very stripped-down looking building and awesome merch. They also have an amazing patio during the summertime! The coolest thing about this place is that the back of the shop is an art studio!

Black Eye

Black Eye rules! This place is just a small place in Denver that has a bit of a sleek barn vibe to it. Each table you sit at has its own different design and they have the coolest mugs ever! Love this place.


This shop has a very interesting vibe to it. Fika is basically an old house that they turned into a coffee shop but kept everything the same meaning it still feels like you’re in a house having a coffee! Such a cozy and warm feeling especially in the wintertime. This is located on Mainstreet in parker as well which means during Christmas time it feels like you’re in a hallmark movie any time you go! Fika is a very cool place, also has amazing chai!

Hudson Hill

Hudson hill is another coffee shop/bar located on an awesome street right across from a dope record store. Perfect vibe for any sort of date or friend hang out. The aesthetic is wooden, lots of plant life, and incredibly comfy chairs. The bar is normally where I like to sit though. This place rules the morning and afternoons with amazing coffee and rules the night with killer cocktails.

Rory’s Diner

This diner is another place located near Mainstreet in Parker. Not a craft coffee shop. But this place is perfect for a lazy day when all you want to do is have a slice of pie and some drip coffee. When you walk in you immediately get transported to the 1950’s and feel like you’re in the movie Grease. Which is a huge reason why I love to go here!


Corvus is another place on South Broadway! Such a cool vibe inside, kind of industrial looking dark feel. Which is awesome for those days when you want to just go somewhere and get work done or just sit and stare out the window with a great cup of coffee! These guys also roast their own coffee in the shop which also makes for a cool experience.


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