Dairy Free Daiya Cheeze Snacks

I am full throttle into healthier eating these days and always on the hunt for new snack options that don’t have me going down the “path to destruction” I like to call it.  I find I have been reading more and more labels lately.

Daiya’s new and improved Cheeze Sticks are a convenient and delicious dairy free snack option.  They are actually not just free from dairy but also gluten, peanut and soy free as well!  I know; how can they be good you might say; but they really are!  I truly have to say that you don’t have to compromise taste and quality for a healthy plant based snack option!  Also think about all the limitations with allergies now at your child’s school.  This is a great idea to pack in their lunch and not have to worry!  They offer both cheddar and “mozza” options and both were equally yummy!  I want to mention how creamy the cheeze products are; I was so pleasantly surprised!  I typically shy away from trying new things and I know I am a lifer here now with these products.

Other great offerings and options as well like shreds, cream cheeze, mac & cheeze, dessert bars, cheezecake and more!  Oh and great recipes on their website as well!  Check them out!