Fawn Diaper Bag – Look Fabulous With the Other Moms

Why not stay stylish while going out with your little treasure?

I am personally in love with the diaper bag of Fawn. In faux leather (easy to clean!) and extremely practical with all its pockets (6 exterior and 6 interiors), it is my new companion on our adventures.

The zipper slides easily and everything inside is easy to grab.


The bag is a bit heavier because of the faux leather, but the convenient top grab handle and option to wear is as a backpack or messenger-style bag does make it easy to carry.

An added bonus to me is that the clips to hold the backpack straps can also be used to clip your Fawn diaper bag to the stroller, so no carrying at all!

Most of all, this bag is stylish! Get adjusted to people turning their heads when you take out this beautiful bag at the diaper table. They will be amazed at how much you will have in there and how quickly you get it out without rummaging around through a mess. You are an organized mom that takes care of her children while staying stylish.

The fact that you can quickly unclip your diaper bag from your stroller and carry it as a backpack or messenger bag is to me the biggest winner.

Go check it out: they have some great colors available that will suit your style!