Are Bidets Good for You?

When some people started brushing their teeth with toothpaste, they were considered neat freaks. People buying the first vitamin supplements were considered crazy. When the first washing machines appeared in houses, some people were even scared. Having an indoor shower was seen as an extravagant luxury for the rich. Washing your hands with water and soap was not always part of the normal daily routine.

And now these things all seem normal, and even basic necessities to keeping everyone in your household healthy.

Now, we are ready for the next step: a bidet! Bidets clean your backside using water, allowing you to forgo toilet tissue altogether. They are already extremely popular in Europe and Asia but are not really used in North America. And why that is, is a mystery to me.  You feel a lot cleaner with a bidet, and it is way more hygienic. Your hands do not come into contact with anything, which limits the spreading of diseases. Using a bidet also lowers the risk of hemorrhoids greatly. And just think about the comfort of our less mobile or elderly family members: no more need to reach behind you!

All around, a bidet is like a shower compared to washing yourself under the pump on the farmyard. Why would you ever want to go back?!

And if we are thinking a little bit less selflessly: a bidet is awesome for the environment! No more dry and irritating toilet paper, ever. Which is not only good for your wallet but also great for nature. (And you can no longer forget that item in the grocery store.)

Are you ready to step into the next century with me? Would you like your family to be just that little bit healthier? Then do I have a tip for you on this website! 

The Brondell Swash 1000 is a very elegant bidet. It not only washes but also dries, giving you an ultra-clean feeling with every bathroom visit. You can install it easily on your existing toilet. You can warm the water to your comfort level and adapt the spray to a wider or narrower setting, and you can even change the pressure! Trust me, you will never want to go back!

Get yours today, you will see: your family will be forever grateful!