Dealing with health insurance companies when claim is denied

No one wants to fight when they are ill or taking care of someone else who is sick, since stress levels are high enough. With health insurance companies constantly denying claims because of insufficient policy coverages, pre-existing conditions, or experimental treatments, families and/or individuals could find themselves in a lot of trouble very quickly.

Fortunately, according to a recent report by the. In this report, an optimistic fact found that the odds are 50/50 that an appealed claim will turn over the former decision made by the insurance company.

Should the insurance company rule the same as before and deny the claim, keep appealing, the odds will turn against the insurance company with each subsequent appeal.

With the “Obamacare” Health Package that passed this past year, new rules were put into place. One new rule makes a person’s right to appeal known to them. Companies are now obligated to state the right to appeal not only within the insurance company itself, but also to an outside third-party organization. A final precaution to take when filing an appeal is to investigate and figure out why the claim was denied, because as , director at Families USA states, “The biggest mistake people make is that they write an appeal that doesn’t really address the reason for the denial”