Journalist mom fired over ‘Glee’ concert mishap

Paige Wiser went to a performance of モGlee Live!ヤ with her two children in tow and wrote a review of the show for the Chicago Sun-Times, including the encore However, she did not stay for the encore She made it through 13 songs, but had to go home because her daughter got sick All told, she wrote about two songs she did not see: one that she missed, another that the group did not perform that night After 17 years, and in the midst of lay-offs, Wiser was what she did Wiser was quoted as saying, モI’m exhausted and to try to have kids and do this is really tough But I don’t want to make it sound as though that’s an excuse because there’s no excuse for doing something stupid”ᅠIndeed, it seems odd that after seeing 13 songs she would describe two that she was not there for ヨ while neglecting to talk about how her son fell out of his chair, and how her daughter was sick That must count for some sort of reaction, certainly? A case like this seems to be a testament to both the standards to which journalists must adhere and how hard it is being a working mom (or even a busy mom) Has something like this ever happened to you? And how did you deal with the consequences?ᅠOr do things like this make going back to work seem like too much of a hassle?