Delsey’s Clavel is an Iconic Luggage Made Modern

DELSEY PARIS is an iconic luggage brand from Paris which with their latest luggage, Clavel, brings in the newer luggage style of being lightweight and rolling.

First of all is the look. What you see in this photo is the denim gray and with the French design it  really does have an impact that has to be seen.

Size wise, this is the 30 inch but surprisingly weighs only 9.8 pounds. It’s exceptionally sturdy and though I pushed on it pretty vigorously and it’s not going anywhere. They tested it to 15,000 openings and 7500 lifts, but I could say in my mild testing of pushing it and beating it up a little bit it’s quite sturdy.

I also love that with its wheels it’s quite flexible. I have no idea when luggage is switched to the rolling in all directions style but I admit I cannot go back anymore. Match that with the classic design of a French luggage company and I’m quite happy.

Overall this is a luggage that is not going anywhere and his purchase for the long term. This is it a luggage that is an investment and a present you get someone on their wedding day to use on their 20th wedding anniversary.

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