The Latest Hawkeye Trailer is Released

The latest Hawkeye trailer just got released by Marvel, and I have so many emotions. Wonderful emotions that fill my heart with Christmas joy.

Here are the reasons why I’m eager to see Hawkeye.


1) Kate Bishop just seems like an awesome character.  Hailee Steinfeld seems like she’s a perfect fit, and it’s not just some weird “pass the torch” to the next generation moment.

2) Watch the trailer, and you’ll see “Rogers the Musical.” NOT just a clip of the musical, but a sign right in Times Square. It’s these in-universe moments that make the MCU incredible. I would kill to watch the full-length musical, and I’m praying daily that we can have the chance to watch it! Please release the full-length version asap! I want to see Thor and Loki in their Lion King-like costumes!

I’ve heard rumors that they recorded quite a few scenes and how awesome would it be to see!


3) This seems to juggle the humor that made Falcon work so well. Plus it puts Jeremy Renner in a much more humorous role than you’ve seen before.


4) The best part is this Christmas theme!  I mean it’s like Die Hard but modern. I loved Die Hard, but could this become a new Christmas tradition? I can tell you that I will be sitting by the television and ready to watch Hawkeye every single week.  Do NOT bother me on November 24th as I will be staring at the television. 

Watch the clip below and let me know if you’re going to watch Hawkeye as soon as it comes out!