Ok so I feel old…look old…these kids make me tired.  My skin is sagging and while the hubby probably doesn’t notice I SURE DO!

I am dabbling with DermaWand and loving the improvements already!  No need for invasive cosmetic procedures or painful needles or the insane pricing that goes along with it.  I am noticing changes even a few days in.  This is low amp radio frequency in a convenient “pen” like massaging tool that you use for a few minutes twice a day for awesome and youthful changes.  I personally cannot stand my pore situation or the fine lines around my eyes.  I am really trying to lift and tighten these “trouble spots” and I almost feel like it’s too good to be true since its so darn easy to use!

Using the wand feels invigorating; slight stimulating tingles that actually bring oxygen, nutrients and fresh blood to the skin’s surface.   Super promising, super easy and also not too expensive at around $120.00.

What could be better than a super awesome feeling massage twice a day to your face that in turn tightens you up and makes you look younger?  Happy day to this mommy!

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