No more single socks with Prince + Pete

The worst feeling in the world is when you throw your socks in the dryer and only one of them return. Your poor lonely sock lost his friend and now you’re down a pair. Lucky for you, Prince + Pete designed the easiest and most convenient dress sock brand that allows your one sock to always have a partner.

This site allows you to pick a sock color coordination that comes in several different numbers. Within that pack, you will receive different patterned socks that look good together. Although each is not exactly the same, the different designs work hand in hand (or foot and foot!)

When your sock gets lost, no need to worry as you can just pair it up with a new and different partner!

They are comfortable and perfect for men at work. They are a bit thicker than normal socks, but that’s because they have added padding along the entire bottom of the sole, which can help you stand more and sit less. They are also made with bamboo, making them soft, moisture wicking and eco-friendly. At the end of your day your feet will feel great and look stylish, too!

Check out all their designs on their website and never need a real pair of dress socks again!

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