DHC Skin Products Are Changing My Life!

Why is it always about the kids and the husband?  I finally at the end of the day look in the mirror and face staring back at me is this old and tired middle-aged woman.  Am I right?! Aren’t you with me here!?!

Anyhow – I am always on the hunt for a new product or product line and I found one I wanna share with ya’ll.  Check out DHC The Japanese Beauty Experts and get yourself summer ready right now!  Here a few items I am simply loving:

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover:  for $12.50 for a 4 oz bottle you are on your way to a cleaner face each night.  This product is safe for all skin types which is music to my ears.  Cork tree extract soothes the skin while coconut oils are moisturizing.  Vitamin E is keeping me as young as I can be!

Salicylic Acne Wash: my teenager struggles a bit with her oily skin.  $22.00 will give you 4 oz of the best darn wash for her needs.  This is a non-drying foaming cleanser also safe for all skin types that is stopping her pimples before they stop!  Green tea, aloe and so much more are a true skin treat!  You will throw out all your other acne products the minute you try this one!

Silky Cotton: how about something to help you apply all these goodies!  Check out DHC’s Silky Cotton Cosmetic Pads.  These are so reasonable prices (just like all their other products).  Just $5.50 will get you 80 of the softest 100% all natural cotton pads to help you get your skincare deed done.  Apply just about anything without that pesky cotton residue problem I always have with other brands.  They are just the best!

There are tons and tons of goodies on the DHC site for all your makeup/skincare needs.  Please check them out and start treating yourself!

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