Did You Know You Can 3D Print Clothing?

Oliver Charles
Oliver Charles

There are times when new technology comes out that some products evolve beyond where I could even imagine. In this case, I just learned that it’s now possible to 3D print clothing.

Oliver Charles sweaters are made in a factory in Brooklyn using 3D-knitting machines that “print” each sweater. If you look at the photo that I took, it shows the shoulder, in particular, because that is where I expected to see the seam.

Because it’s 3D printed, there are no seams. I remember growing up in Brooklyn and how my Italian mother would always comment that the seams were the way you could tell if something was made well or not. Any misaligned seam would drive her to insanity. In this case, I never envisioned how 3D printing could evolve to the point that it would make seams a thing of the past.

In addition, they take quality to the next level where they only use a fiber that comes from the underbelly of a high elevation Tibetan yak. Get your head around that! How often do you hear Tibetan yaks used in a sentence? This means that it no longer requires dry cleaning and is also easy to maintain.

Also, as a side result of the 3D printing process, they use even less material.

Now, I am looking at the other sweaters and wondering if they look terrible in comparison. They all have seams.