Mommy’s Bliss: vitamins and supplements for mom and child


Taking your vitamins is important, especially when you are pregnant. You are growing a full human being! Your body needs all the help it can get. In particular, folate (or folic acid) helps promote healthy neural tube development and prevents neural tube defects in your baby. Next on the must-have list are calcium, iodine, and iron, along with any others you might not get enough of through your food. And you should start taking prenatal vitamins even before conception!  All to say: vitamins are very important for pregnant women.

Luckily, Mommy’s Bliss has you covered. They offer a whole range of products a pregnant or lactating woman needs. This woman-owned company knows what women deal with while pregnant. They get the troubles (nausea, gas, constipation, upset tummy, lack of sleep…and the list goes on) and have created a whole range of products to specifically deal with these issues. And they have not forgotten about the postnatal needs!

Mommy’s Bliss has some wonderful postnatal supplements to help you feel good after the pregnancy and support lactation and mood. Reset my body supports postpartum healing and joint health, for example.  They’ve even thought of your baby! In full growth, your little one develops extremely quickly in those first months after birth; they need that little extra to make sure they are well supported in their development. And then there is that nasty colic that can be soothed with Gripe Water or little coughs that can be helped with the baby cough syrup.

Even when your kids grow older, Mommy’s Bliss is still there by your side with their line of kids’ products. Melatonin to help your kids calm down at night, or elderberry syrup to boost the immune system, the list goes on.

The management team of Mommy’s Bliss consists of moms who make sure the connection with their customers stays strong!

Right now, Mommy’s Bliss gives you a 20% discount on all postnatal products with the code POSTNATAL20.