Disney Quarantine Parodies That Help Me Through This

I am personally a Disney addict. I cannot live without Disney. Disney World is my drug and without it, I am going through withdrawal symptoms. How to survive not going to Disney?

Well, I’ve already watched everything on Disney Plus and my Pandora is set to Disney songs.

So the next iteration of insanity is watching the Disney Songs for Quarantine Times and Parodies.

So take a peak of which you like and message us your favorites!

1) The Holderness family never seems to disappoint.  Here they fight the gloom with parodies. And as Weird Al taught us, parodies are great.


2) The thumbnail here doesn’t do it justice.  Look for the princesses as they’re incredible.



3) OMG this Belle is incredible. I have nothing more to say.

4) I mean they put work into this thing. He’s outside, she’s inside in a full costume.

5) I kinda expected “Part of Your World” to be the most parodied so didn’t want to go crazy on this.

6) I love it when the family gets together. I only have two kids but could you imagine making a whole troop here!



8) This isn’t a parody as so much an SNL like skit. Cute.


9) Who doesn’t love High School Musical and the song is a perfect choice.

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