#CourageIsBeautiful is Trending to Honor First Responders

Who doesn’t love the first responders. I love them all. The nurses, the doctors, the ambulance drivers, I love them all.  I scoured the interwebs for the best tributes to nurses and doctors I could find and came up below. Be careful dear reader, you might take a peak and start to cry.

1) To me, this should be in every children’s hospital in our country.

2) Okay, following the superhero theme, but it’s such an awesome sketch.

3) Your daughter is a beautiful person! You are wonderful! I’m crying on this one!

4) Could you imagine having to go to work every day like this?

5) A respiratory therapist? I could barely spell it let alone do this! And she has asthma? I officially can’t even.

6) This man candy is a freaking superhero. If this photo is doctored or not, it’s freaking awesome.

7) Look at her! She’s wonderful! And I complained about getting dressed this morning in my jeggings.


8) I mean the message is clear.

9) You know two RNs?  Tell them they’re wonderful!

1) I found this probably the most powerful image.  And I complain about home schooling the kids? Jeez. These people are courageous!

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