DNA Miracles

So a few week’s back I shared a video with all of you about how easy it was to create super healthy alternatives to your cleaning products from DNA Miracles.  For under $40.00 you are well on your way to the best playroom cleaner, fruit and veggie wash, spot and stain remover and dish soap that you truly will be ok with your child being around.  They last quite a while and they take under a minute to make using the dissolving packet of solution, water and a quick shake.

I also want to share with you the great baby bath products they have; we are loving them in our house.  Natural Diaper Cream is actually luxury meets balm meets your babies tush.  This is totally non-toxic and creates an amazing barrier for the skin to really prevent a rash!  Hydrating Baby Lotion has become the solution in this house for our sensitive skin kiddies.  What a wonderful smooth lotion this is; you will love the quality.  I think my favorite however is their Natural Soothing Ointment which is a spa day for your baby with dry skin patches and minor irritation.  I think coconut oil is the secret and it is truly safe for all over your baby’s body.  I will let you know that I am using it as well for my face.

Please check them out: http://www.shop.com/dna_miracles-v.xhtml.


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