Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel

In the summer, my glasses fog when I get out of the car from the A/C hits humidity.  In the winter, my glasses fog when I get out of the car from the car’s heat hits the frigid temps outside.  Either way, I cannot stand not being able to see and having to “wipe my glasses” off on my shirt every darn time I exit the car.  I constantly see others around me suffering as well: those wearing sunglasses, winter goggles, hockey visors, hunting glasses, scuba goggles, safety glasses and more.  Depending on the sport, this fogging can actually be dangerous and we need to make sure we never have to make a decision that can actually cause us an unnecessary injury.  It is actually possible to stop this annoying fog in its tracks without chemicals or some smelly combo of ingredients probably bad for you to be breathing in or exposed to.  Sven Can See is just biodegradable surfactants that you spray, wipe and GO!  Honestly, I was amazed to see how quickly the product worked; and for just around $12 for a pen sized spray applicator it is totally worth it.  Get yourself ready for the upcoming winter ski season (honestly though: this a packing necessity for summer swimming, as well as fall/winter hiking and more).  For more information please visit:



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