Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers


Does it matter what type of toothbrush you’re brushing with? Dr. Plotka’s manual toothbrush is made with superior multi-layer bristles. The bristles are floss-like and 10 times thinner than other bristles. They reach between teeth very effectively to clean more thoroughly. They reach under the gum line and leave your teeth feeling that much cleaner. The bristles are also infused with silver which is known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria growth on the brush within six hours of use.  Dr. Plotka’s Mouthwatchers use silver technology which doesn’t permit harmful microbes (including fungi, bacteria, and viruses) to live in the presence of silver.

The firmness of a toothbrush matters as well. The soft toothbrush is gentler on your teeth and gums.

The travel toothbrush folds in half to make it easy to carry. I like the fact that it is a regular toothbrush rather than those tiny travel toothbrushes that look like they are made for infants.

Hygiene is important, especially oral hygiene.  I’m glad I found a toothbrush that does the job efficiently. The toothbrush leaves my mouth feeling like I had a professional cleaning.

I also love the all-natural whitening toothpaste.  It is fluoride-free and made with bee products. The fresh mint and propolis (honeybee product) freshen your breath and fight plaque. It’s gentle on my teeth and it has a great flavor.

Dr. Ronald Plotka, DDS founded the company Mouth Watchers LLC over 15 years ago. During his career, he found that even patients that practiced good hygiene were still getting cavities.  He wanted to develop superior products to combat this issue and promote great hygiene.  Dr. Plotka also gives back to the Smiles for Life Foundation and is an active member.

To find out how to order your toothbrush and toothpaste check out the Mouth Watchers website.